Request Educational Materials

The Storm Water Quality Public Education Program has a number of outreach and educational materials that can be requested for inclusion in your events and activities.  Please feel free to print out a copy of any of our brochures available on our Downloads page found under "General"

To view or print a brochure simply click on the link of your interest
  • Brochure: How to protect your area waterways. Start a grass roots movement. Don't over-fertilize. Click Here to view and/or print.
  • Brochure: Picking up your pet waste and disposing of it properly keeps our waterways running clean. Get the scoop: Clean up the poop. Click Here to view and/or print.
  • Brochure: Can Your Fats. And keep our Water running clean.  Discarding cooking oil down the sink accumulates in sewer pipes making it difficult for wastewater to flow freely.  Click Here to view and/or print.
  • Recipe Cards: Environmentally friendly household cleaners and pest repellants - Less Toxic Alternatives - (English) (Spanish)
  • Green Guide: Green Infrastructure Guide: Approaches from your home that can reduce, capture and treat storm water runoff as its source before it can reach the storm drain system.  Click Here to view and/or print.
  • Coloring book: Living Green with the Eco-Superheroes - Children's Educational Coloring & Activity Book. Click Here to view and/or print.
  • Available Online: Storm Water Quality regulations and ordinance related to Construction, New Development / Redevelopment and Industrial programs. Click Here for more information.
  • Available Online: Harris County and City of Houston Household Hazardous Waste Programs. Click Here for more information.
Your information

Educational materials are available for pickup. You can send request forms to the following address: Harris County Watershed Protection Group, 10555 Northwest Freeway, Suite 220, Houston, Texas 77092 or fax the form to 713-956-3080. If you have any questions please contact Dimetra K. Hamilton, Architecture & Engineering Communications Manager, at 713-685-7353 or Jerrel Geisler, City of Houston Community Involvement Coordinator, at 832-395-3780.



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