What you can do to improve water quality in your neighborhood:

Don’t over-fertilize your lawns.
Clean up your dog poop.
Mow high, mow often, and keep grass clippings on your lawn.


Did you know?

Storm water – runoff during a rain or storm – flows untreated into area bayous and ultimately into Galveston Bay. Any chemicals or debris on your lawn or driveway can contribute to water pollution

Small changes in behavior can make a big impact on water quality.

Welcome to Clean Water Clear Choice, the Harris County Watershed Protection Group’s Web resource for stormwater information and education. Our public education campaign is designed to help teach you and your neighbors about water-polluting behaviors that can be changed and lead to improved water quality in your area. We hope you will find this information useful as well as entertaining and that you will join us in improving the area’s streams and bayous. Please stay tuned to learn more about how you can make a difference.


To learn more about safe lawn care

Lawn Care Brochure
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To learn more about safe pet waste disposal

Pet Waste Brochure (4mb)

Payment Envelope - Print on your own envelope and hand to your yardmen and/or landscaper!



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