How to prepare HHW for transport

  • Pack wastes carefully in a box or other sturdy container to prevent spillage during transport (be prepared to leave your containers behind).
  • Do not mix chemicals!
  • Arrange similar chemicals containers together (e.g., put pesticides together in a box or other type container, solvents together in another box or container, and paints together in another). Please make sure containers are not leaking and lids are tightly sealed. If there is no lid on the container, place a plastic bag over the opening and tape it closed for transport.
  • Label materials clearly that are not in their original containers. If you do not know what the substance is, contain and transport it carefully to the event.
  • Place your box of household hazardous waste (HHW) in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your truck to prevent breathing the fumes during transport.
  • Drive slowly and pay attention to traffic personnel, signage and safety cones when navigating the drop-off site.
  • Please remain in your vehicle, place your vehicle in park, and turn off the ignition while your hazardous waste is unloaded by trained personnel.



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