Stormwater Inlet Marking


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About the SWIM Program

Stormwater runoff from urban areas can carry pollutants and trash into the Stormwater drainage system. Water that flows down the drains in our homes first goes to sewage treatment facilities before it's released to bayous and rivers. But, water that flows into our Stormwater drainage system, along with other substances it collects, goes directly into our bayous, rivers, and ultimately into Galveston Bay. Unlike sewage, Stormwater receives no treatment.


Stormwater inlet markers bearing the JTF's Clean Water Clear Choice logo and a message stating "No Dumping, Flows to Galveston Bay". Markers are available for citizens' neighborhood storm drains. The message will remind citizens to not to dump pollutants into storm sewers or contribute to ordinary Stormwater runoff by littering, over-fertilizing, or sweeping yard debris into the street.

The program is open to any individual, group or community that would like to participate in helping us reach our goal: marking every storm drain in Harris County in order to prevent pollution from entering our local waterways. Developers can also propose installing SWIM markers as part of their Stormwater Quality Management Plan.

Much of the pollution in area creeks and bayous comes from common, every-day materials, like household chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, gasoline, used motor oil and antifreeze and litter. These substances run off into storm drain inlets by rainwater from our streets, yards, driveways and parking lots.